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development history


HUAWEI supports the stable operation of more than 1500 networks in more than 170 countries and regions in the world, serving more than 1/3 of the population worldwide.

HUAWEI has deployed more than 60 4.5G networks around the world; HUAWEI wireless home broadband solutions (WTTx) covers 30 million families around the world; HUAWEI has deployed more than 190 mobile hosting networks in more than 100 countries.

HUAWEI has obtained more than 170 commercial contracts in the world; VoLTE and VoWiFi solutions have accumulated over 110 networks in the world; the digital service cloud service platform has accumulated over 4000 partners and aggregated more than 600 thousand digital content and applications.

HUAWEI combined with more than 500 partners to provide cloud computing solutions for customers in more than 130 countries and regions, deploying more than 2 million virtual machines and 420 cloud data centers.

The HUAWEI smart city solution has been applied to more than 100 cities in more than 40 countries, and HUAWEI has also written 9 smart cities for China's national standards; the HUAWEI peace city solution has served more than 200 cities in more than 80 countries and regions, covering more than 800 million people.

In the field of finance, HUAWEI full channel banking solutions have served more than 300 global financial institutions, including 6 of the world's ten largest banks. In the energy field, HUAWEI fully connected power grid solutions have been applied to 65 countries in the world, serve more than 170 power customers, and in the traffic domain, HUAWEI has cooperated with more than 60 partners in the industry to provide digital city rail, intelligent Airports And other solutions, which will serve more than 220 thousand kilometers of Railways and highways over the world, and over 15 airports with more than 30 million traffic volume.

The annual smartphone delivery volume reached 139 million units, an increase of 29% over the past year, a steady growth of 5 consecutive years, and the global market share increased to 11.9%, ranking the world's top three.


According to the data released by the world intellectual property organization, HUAWEI ranked the first place in 3898 consecutive second years in terms of enterprise patent application ranking in 2015.

HUAWEI LTE has entered more than 140 capital cities, successfully deploying more than 400 LTE commercial networks and more than 180 EPC commercial networks.

In the field of optical transmission, HUAWEI and European operators have jointly built the world's first 1T OTN network, and collaborated with BT to complete the industry's highest rate 3Tbps optical transmission test.

The first global agile solution based on SDN architecture has been released.

It released the world's first 32 way x86 open architecture minicomputer Kunlun server.

Smartphones are shipped over 100 million units. HUAWEI ranks the top three in the global smartphone market, ranking the first in the Chinese market share (GFK data).


The 5G innovation research center is set up in 9 countries around the world.

It has built 186 global 400G core router business networks.

We build more than 480 data centers for global customers, of which more than 160 are cloud data centers.

The total number of R & D centers is 16, and the total number of joint innovation centers is 28.

In the world, 177 standard organizations and open source organizations have joined 183 important positions.

In 2014, more than 75 million smartphones were shipped.


The global financial risk control center (GC) is established in London, UK to supervise the global financial operation risk of HUAWEI, to ensure that financial business operates in a standardized, efficient and low risk operation; the European logistics center is formally invested in Hungary and radiated from Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East and Africa countries.

As the main promoter of the EU 5G project and the initiator of the British 5G Innovation Center (5GIC), the 5G white paper is published, the 5G global ecological circle is actively constructed and a close joint research with the more than 20 universities in the world is carried out. The HUAWEI is actively contributing to the construction of wireless future technology, industry standards and industrial chain.

The 400G router commercial scheme has been recognized by 49 customers and has been put into business. In addition, HUAWEI has also launched the backbone router 1T route card, as well as the 40T ultra large capacity wave sub prototype and the all optical switching network AOSN new architecture.

Leading the global LTE business deployment continuously, has entered the more than 100 capital cities of the world, covering nine major financial centers.

The world's first agile network architecture with business and user experience as the center and the world's first agile switch S12700 will meet the needs of new applications such as cloud computing, BYOD, SDN, the Internet of things, multi service and large data.

With the consumer as the center, Make it Possible continues to focus on the quality strategy, in which the flagship model HUAWEI Ascend P6 has achieved a win-win brand profit, the smartphone business has achieved a historic breakthrough, entered the global TOP3, and the HUAWEI mobile phone brand popularity increased by 110% over the same period of the year.


Continue to promote global localization, strengthen investment in Europe, focus on investment in the UK, build a new R & D center in Finland, and set up a local board and advisory committee in France and Britain.

In the 3GPP LTE core standard, it contributed 20% of the total number of proposals passed by the world.

Publishing the first 400G DWDM optical transmission system in the industry, publishing the largest capacity 480G circuit board in the IP field.

We launched cloud computing cooperation with customers from 33 countries around the world, and built 70 thousand largest scale desktop cloud in the world.

The launch of Ascend P1, Ascend D1, four core, glory and other high-end flagship products are selling well in developed countries.

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